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We welcome honest and confidential conversations to establish suitability. Please do give us a call.

Who is RISE for?

RISE stands for Reducing Inequalities, Supporting EmploymentThe RISE programme is specifically for individuals that are classified economically inactive. This means they are out of work (not including those on sick leave), have not been required to seek work within the last four weeks and/or are unable to start work in the next two weeks.

We accept third party, or self-referrals. Medical diagnosis isn’t required. Participants must be of over 18 years of age (unless registered NEET) and legally able to work in the UK.

Primarily the reason they are unable to work is because their mental health, physical health and/or circumstances are barriers to accessing or sustaining employment. These could be temporary or long-term factors. It’s not unusual for eligible participants to have had a life changing event/diagnosis and to be feeling some trepidation in seeking a way forward.

We do distinguish that the support is not a socialising programme for those with life-long barriers, such as those in supported living. We also don’t function like a recruiter but will happily support job search when a participant is ready. Please note we don’t have access to non-mainstream job vacancies. We do advocate for stepping-stones such as volunteering.

We welcome honest and confidential conversations to establish suitability. Please do give us a call.

About RISE

Rise Reducing Inequalities, Supporting Employment is a free programme of support, mostly on a one-to-one basis, and usually lasts up to six months for each individual.

Jane and Hayley are our RISE keyworkers, they’re practiced in supporting people that want to work, but are some way off job seeking, and potentially experiencing overwhelm.

The RISE programme is designed and managed by Better Connect and has a range of delivery partners across York and North Yorkshire. North Yorkshire Sport is covering areas in and around Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon.

Being a partnership means in-project interventions are on hand for meeting various needs such as benefits or debt advice and wellbeing therapies. Refreshments, transport costs, equipment plus other associated costs are fully fundable through The UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

How does RISE work?

Jane and Hayley do a lot of listening to understand how our participants live, to learn how they see themselves and take a person-centred approach using empathy, insight and gentle motivation. Often there is a distinct need among participants to feel less alone, to minimise the effects of chaos, to prioritise self-care and understand their challenges as a series of small (more) achievable tasks.

The majority of our contact with participants is one to one, informal and preferably out and about to reap the benefits of a change of scene and being active.

Aims and outcomes of RISE

Our aim is for participants to reach a place where the day-to-day feels less messy, the future feels less daunting, and for upskilling to feel realistic. We want people to acknowledge their self-worth, have a sense of belonging and feel compelled to contribute to society. Progressing into employment is just one possible manifestation of this.

You may recognise the similarity of this programme to the Action Toward Inclusion programme we successfully partnered on for six years and can read more about our impact here.

Next Step

Jane and Hayley both work part-time, please call or email with any queries, in confidence.

Jane 07858 919293

Hayley 07510316338

If you would like to refer using our form please follow this link.nysport.wufoo.com/forms/m4wu2eu0g1rbqv/

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