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To learn more about the programme and explore potential referral links, please contact us.

What is Get Moving?

North Yorkshire Sport have been exploring the role of sport, physical activity and movement within the health and social service realm for several years now. Taking our learning from previous programmes including Primetime and Strong and Steady as well as national research regarding the deconditioning effect of COVID-19 pandemic guided our design and development of the Get Moving – home exercise programme.

More about Get Moving.

This is a supported Exercise at Home programme, made up of twice weekly visits by a Therapeutic Exercise Instructor, for four weeks, to the home of a person aged 65+ who has been identified by partner services as in need of support to regain previous independence and physical activity levels.

A Therapeutic Exercise Instructor visits the home and supports, through physical activity and confidence building techniques, the individual to regain their confidence and mobility.

The project offers a tailored exercise and confidence building programme designed to quickly re-enable people to be independent. It is not aimed at the most frail, seeking instead to provide support to people at an earlier stage to prevent further deconditioning (relevant clients identified as 4 to 5, vulnerable to mildly frail as per the Rockwood frailty scale).

We work closely with health and social service colleagues including:

  • Social prescribers.
  • Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists
  • NHS trust frailty specialists
  • Voluntary and community sector etc.

Colleagues that work with this very specific demographic within the North Yorkshire and York area.

How do I learn more / refer into this programme?

To learn more about the programme and explore potential referral links, please contact:

Simon Pierce
Health and Wellbeing Manager
Email: simon@northyorkshiresport.co.uk
Tel: 07414 911218

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