Rural Capital Fund

Rural Capital Fund

North Yorkshire Sport are delighted to announce a one-off funding round of capital investment into physical activity, sport and active travel projects.

Access to be physically active, and the benefits that it brings, are not the same for all of the population. The purpose of this fund is to support groups and organisations to improve or extend their reach to a wider section of their community through investment in to buildings and infrastructure.

The fund is a strand of North Yorkshire Council delivery of the Rural England Prosperity Fund

There are strict criteria and exclusions to the fund detailed below.


  • The fund is for capital developments only.
  • The maximum amount that can be applied for is £49,999. The minimum amount should be £20k (smaller funds should be directed to
  • The total project cost must be no more than £250k. Any applications that are for a total project cost of more than this will not be accepted.
  • The minimum amount of match funding required is 20%. We do recommend that you have as much as possible as this helps demonstrate the support for your project.
  • You should have match funding secured (or well progressed). We will only be able to award based on all funds being in place.
  • The rural fund is not eligible in the towns of Scarborough, Harrogate and Knaresborough (see note below). It is also not eligible in the City of York Local Authority area.
  • You must own, or have satisfactory management arrangements in place, for the land or facility
  • Planning permission (where required) should already be secured or in progress
  • A minimum of 2 quotes will need to be evidenced for the works (and should match with the cost applied for)
  • The works have to be completed by March 31st 2025
  • The development must demonstrate how it will enhance access and enable a more diverse participant in to the activities.
  • You must be inclusive (and state this in your governing document)
  • The fund is not eligible for schools (unless it can be strongly demonstrated that the focus is on the use of the school as a community facility)
  • The fund is not suitable to fund private and commercial enterprise.
  • The fund will not fund retrospective costs or any expenditure that takes place prior to grant approval (including planning fees and professional fees)
  • The fund will not fund ongoing costs, salary costs or fundraising costs, or recoverable VAT.

Any applications which fall outside of the above criteria will not meet the threshold and therefore not be successful.

To check your geographical eligibility please visit Magic Map Application ( On the link press ‘Administrative Geographies’ and then ‘Other Administrative Boundaries’ and then ‘Rural England Prosperity Fund’. Zoom in to your place, those within the red outline are ineligible, those outside will be eligible to apply.

Timescales and Process

The application form below should be completed in full before submitting to us. Please do not forget to include the uploads of your governing documents, budget, quotations and planning permission status.

The fund is now open for applications and will close on Sunday 7th January 2024 at 11:59pm. No applications will be accepted after this date and time.

Upon submission your application will be reviewed and you are likely to be contacted with follow up questions or for points of clarification. This part of the process will ned to be completed by Monday 15th January 2024.

Applications will then be reviewed by an internal panel before being presented to the North Yorkshire Council People and Communities sub group for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, with awards made by February 2024.


We hosted an information webinar on Wednesday 1st November.  The recording from the session is available below


The budget spreadsheet template is at the bottom of the page for you to download. Please complete this and submit evidence of 2 quotations in the uploads section of the application form.

You do not have to choose the cheapest option, but will have to demonstrate why a more expensive quote provides better value for money.

Please ensure you factor in VAT in to your budget. If you reclaim VAT then please reflect this in your budget. If you pay VAT then ensure that is included in your budget.

What will I need to report on?

Firstly we will want to celebrate and shout about the improvements that you make with your organisation and participants.

We will agree reporting with you when we reach the point of a funding award as they will be built around the type of project that is being funded. We will need to capture some numbers, but the bit we will be really interested in is telling the story and understanding the difference that the project has made on our people and communities (and this goes way beyond them just being more active).

More information

To find out more information please email

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