Physical Activity, Sport and Active Travel Fund

Physical Activity, Sport and Active Travel Fund

What is the purpose of the fund?

Extending access to physical activity, sport and active travel

Access to be physically active, and the benefits that it brings, are not the same for all of the population. The purpose of this fund is to support groups and organisations to improve or extend their reach to a wider section of their community.

The fund is a strand of North Yorkshire Council delivery of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Background to the fund

North Yorkshire Council have made almost £750k of funding available to extend and create opportunities to be physically active, play sport and improve connectivity through active travel. We want to invest in the best ideas that will make the most difference in the county. North Yorkshire Sport are managing this fund and will work with potential applicants to support them develop and nurture their ideas.

Funding and timescales

We are typically looking to fund ideas ranging between £3k and £20k. Having some match funding is helpful but definitely not essential. We don’t feel this fund is appropriate as match for larger scale applications.

The fund is live now and will close on 30th September 2024 (it may close earlier if all funds are allocated). ALL projects will need to be completed and the money spent by 31st March 2025.


We are publishing as much information now as we can to help you put together your ideas. We have created a guidance document to help you answer some of the questions (see below) and are hosting an information webinar for interested groups and organisations. Please book your place here. As the fund progresses we will also be sharing stories of some of the projects.

Scope of the fund

What is the focus?

We know that access in not equal for all, and we want to do more to engage and reach those who are more likely to be physically inactive. Our insight and experience tells us that these groups of people are:

  • Culturally diverse communities
  • Those on low income or living in areas of deprivation
  • Long term health conditions
  • People with a disability
  • People in rural areas
  • Children and young people

Revenue and Capital

This funding can be spent on revenue or capital projects, or a mix of both.

Requests for capital projects should have planning permission (where required) in place as the work will need to be complete by March 2025. In most cases we will also need to see evidence of 2 quotations for the work.

A capital item could be something that is built and is fixed, such as a bike shelter or an outdoor gym. Or it can be a lasting asset (as long as the asset is not for temporary or one-season use).

A revenue item could be equipment, training, promotional events.

One example we use to differentiate is that a fixed basketball post cemented in to the ground would be a capital expense, and a portable basketball net would be a revenue expense.

We will need to know this information so that we can monitor and report on the split of the investment.

Physical Activity, Sport and Active Travel

As above we can fund ideas that could be predominately physical activity, sport or active travel related, or a combination of them. We would like to fund a breadth of ideas so will want to monitor the splits and report to our funders also.

How do I apply?

Form filling can be difficult, especially if you have never done it before. We are committed to making the application process as straight forward as it possibly can, however this is public funding and there are some things that we have to collect and monitor, as well as finding out enough information about what you want to do to enable us to make the best decisions on what to fund.

Our commitment is to ask you to complete one application form and that form is below. We ask that you complete as much information on this form that you can but don’t worry if you don’t have the answers to every question. The mandatory ones that we need from you have a red asterix as that will enable us to capture your details and get a sense of what it is you are looking to do. We will then follow up with you to find out more.

To progress to an award we will need to gather all of the information but that can be done through conversations and emails over time as we find out more about your ideas and ambitions. There will be no 2nd stage form, just building on the information you have already submitted!

Budget Spreadsheet

We use a spreadsheet to capture to details of the planned spend. All you need to do is download it and complete it. Make sure you save the file name to match your organisations name and then upload it when you complete the form below. It can be modified as we work through your idea with you.


If VAT is not reclaimable on your spend then please include that in the costings. If you can reclaim the VAT then please exclude that from your budget.


Application Guidance

UKSPF Community Engagement Tool

PSP Budget Form

What happens after I apply?

Following your application you will hear from your allocated case manager within 10 working days. They will find out more about your idea, run through some of the next steps with you and move towards determining if your idea is likely to get funded.

We want to make sure the best ideas get funded. If you don’t have much experience of writing funding applications don’t worry, as we will work with you in a supportive way to nurture the ideas.

We will host a monthly panel to make the final decisions on approved projects and you will hear shortly afterwards. The panel will consist of other members of our project team for the fund, with your case manager bringing forward your application to the rest of the panel.

What will I need to report on?

We will agree reporting with you when we reach the point of a funding award. We will need to capture some numbers, but the bit we will be really interested in is telling the story and understanding the difference that the project has made on our people and communities (and this goes way beyond them just being more active). We are confident that the reporting will not be too daunting, even for smaller, voluntary groups who may not have applied for funding before.


Exclusions and the types of things that may be less likely to be funded

We don’t want to put anyone off from applying to this fund, but equally we don’t want to waste the time and energy of staff and volunteers, so please do read the criteria and guidance material first.

There are some fundamental exclusions which will mean your project will be rejected which are:

  • Requests for finance outside of the criteria of £3k – £20k
  • Projects that can not deliver within the timescale of up to March 31st 2025
  • Projects that do not benefit the residents of the North Yorkshire Council area
  • Projects that target individuals or support talented athletes
  • Projects which involve onward distribution of funds (EG grants)

Additionally we have put together some suggestions of things that are unlikely to meet the principles of the fund:

  • Projects that benefit school’s curriculum.
  • Continuation of existing projects – We are happy to build on existing ideas or pilots, but don’t want to be funding extra time on existing projects.
  • Projects that have already begun, prior to a funding award.
  • Projects that are purely commercial (sole traders may apply in conjunction with a not-for-profit group).
  • Projects that offer poor value for money.
  • Projects that are more suited to an alternative funding mechanism to achieve key outputs and outcomes, i.e., fundraising, private investment, a loan, or another source of grant funding.
  • Projects that seek to cover core running costs of the organisation.
  • Will give an organisation an unfair advantage over its competitors in the market. However, if the project can demonstrate a positive impact greater than the negative impact on market competition, then it will still be considered for UKSPF funding.
  • Funds to cover management fees for the project

What happens if my idea is not approved?

Once you have submitted the form your allocated case manager will get in contact with you and will start to find out more about your idea. They will do this direct with you, but also they will find out more information through some of our local partners. There will be circumstances where an idea does not align to the principles of this fund and is unlikely to be funded, and our staff will share this with you as early as possible. The team will also offer to signpost to other potential sources but you will be responsible for checking the eligibility of these against your idea.

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