Inclusion for settings


You can find more about this on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion pages.

Clubs and settings have an important role to ensure they are as inclusive as possible, but what does this mean?

Buddle (formerly Club Matters) say, “being welcoming and inclusive is a feature of many successful community sports clubs, groups and organisations. Offering a positive experience for all participants and volunteers regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, financial situation or ability benefits both your organisation and the people involved with it. Promoting inclusivity and celebrating diversity throughout your organisation can support growth and sustainability by maximising your membership base and volunteer workforce. Creating and promoting an inclusive environment can help you to attract new people, as well as encourage existing participants and volunteers to stay with your organisation for longer. People may also become more likely to recommend your organisation to others”.

Our latest Provider Survey (2022/2023) showed that 87% of settings do target specific communities. We also found out that settings want to do more to target: people from disadvantaged backgrounds, ethnically diverse communities and people with mental health challenges.

Visit the ‘Increasing Participants’ page for more information

Listen to a setting and a club on how they’ve had conversations to get more people active.


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