Annual Providers Survey

Each year we reach out to organisations to understand more about the health of their setting and their development needs.

New Survey

The 2023 Annual Sport and Physical Activity Provider Survey is now LIVE! Take the survey to be in with a chance of winning:

  • One of two prizes of £50 of your club or setting

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The survey has been extended and will close on 31st January.

Last Survey

This year, North Yorkshire Sport have worked closer with our sports development teams in North Yorkshire and York to discuss, understand and support your responses.  

The results showed 5 areas: 

  1. Larger, more diverse workforce. We have: 
    1. Continued to understand the challenges faced with volunteering (from the setting and the potential volunteers) 
    2. Supported Volunteer Week in June with information, case studies and support for clubs and settings to access  
    3. Gathered learning from Volunteers about what they get from helping out 
  2. Cost of Living support. We have: 
    1. Helped form and attend a regional Cost of Living working group and attended conferences to understand others work and support available 
    2. Planned and delivered a series of Club Matters workshops to support learning in this area 
    3. Used information from responses for the Together Fund, of which a category was Cost of Living support 
  3. Young people’s mental health. We have: 
    1. Accessed funding through the North Yorkshire Sport Mental Health Fund to run a series of Youth Mental Health First Aid Awareness Training 
    2. Accessed voucher codes to allow settings to take the MIND / UK Coaching Mental Health Awareness e-learning for free
    3. Refreshed the Mental Health Friendly Organisation toolkit 
    4. Continue to work with the MIND Regional Hub and their Champion programme.
  4. Inclusion. We have: 
    1. Worked with the Yorkshire & Humber Anti-Racism in Sport Group to learn more about the Commitment to Tackle Racism Pledge 
    2. Started to work on a Trauma Aware approach, leading to being Trauma Sensitive, Responsive and Informed  
    3. Continued to support settings and organisations who support a range of communities 
  5. Signposting. We have: 
    1. Streamlined and updated our website to provide you with key links, resources and information 
    2. Become closer and stronger over the year by working together 

 About the Survey

The first survey was conducted in 2017/18 and over the years we have been able to look at our own work areas to suit the needs of clubs and settings:

  • Planned and delivered a range of workshops
  • Developed our mentoring scheme to better meet the challenges settings were facing
  • Amended our website to meet the areas of interest
  • Launched an online learning platform to host on demand learning
  • Work more closely with local partners
  • Track trends and work to support them.

2021/2022 results

2022/2023 results

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