Deliverers of Physical Activity

We work with a host of clubs, organisations, community groups, coaches and volunteers to help to support physical activity across North Yorkshire.

We’ve curated some links and resources that you might find useful if you deliver physical activity. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how we support people who help to keep our communities active in our county!

In this section...

When we use the word ‘workforce’ we really mean 'PEOPLE'. The PEOPLE that will inspire OTHERS to be more active.
There are lots of places to get support for your club or setting. We've pulled together a few of these resources here for you.
Each year we reach out to organisations to understand more about the health of their setting and their development needs.
Research tells us that increased levels of physical activity can benefit your body and your mind. There are lots of mental health benefits from taking part in physical activity.
Having enough participants to make sure your session is viable and has a future is essential. Along with this, organisations have a role to play in ensuring that everyone has access to activity.
If you provide physical activity you could work with us on delivering FEAST to children across North Yorkshire.
Online learning for anyone delivering exercise, sport or wellbeing in a community setting, club or school
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