Safeguarding – Adults at Risk

North Yorkshire Sport is a registered charity and the lead body for sport & physical activity in North Yorkshire & York. One of our overall aims is to use sport & physical activity to drive a positive change in adults, to promote and encourage increased participation in sport & physical activity, reduce inactivity levels across the population (and within targeted demographics) and to use sport & physical activity to help tackle barriers to being regularly active, such as health, deprivation, training & employment and disability.

At the heart of our work and approach is our firm belief that ALL adults have the right to take part in sport & physical activity free from harm, in a safe environment and are supported to achieve to the best of their abilities. The safety & welfare of adults taking part in sport & physical activity is paramount. This includes activities which are funded / supported by North Yorkshire Sport as well as activities directly delivered by the North Yorkshire Sport team.

We are committed to safeguarding all participants, volunteers, spectators and employees by demonstrating best practice and implanting robust procedures when we are providing events, services or activities. Our commitment to safeguarding adults in sport has formally been recognised by the Ann Craft Trust in November 2019 when we were one of the first Active Partnerships to be awarded the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework.

North Yorkshire Sport are committed to working with a wide range of agencies across North Yorkshire and York and with regional and national organisations to ensure that information, training, education, advice and guidance are available for individuals and organisations that are delivering sport & physical activity to adults.

We are supporters and seek advice and support from the Ann Craft Trust, a leading UK Authority on Safeguarding Adults at Risk, as well as more local agencies like the North Yorkshire Adults Safeguarding Adults Board and City of York Adults Safeguarding Board.

Our role in safeguarding adults

North Yorkshire Sport plays a number of roles within safeguarding adults:

  • Education: Developing and furthering understanding of adult safeguarding in sport amongst individuals, activity providers and the general public.
  • Advocacy: Promoting the safeguarding of adults in sport across the County, including access to advice, case studies and signposting to further information, as well as encouraging, supporting and challenging providers to implement safeguarding adults’ policies and procedures.
  • Scrutiny – Check & Challenge: ensuring that all activity providers commissioned or funded by North Yorkshire Sport have in place all relevant policies and procedures and that they are being implemented fully.

Trustees and staff of North Yorkshire Sport have expertise in a number of different areas and use our experience to improve practice and positively influence the sporting community of North Yorkshire & York

North Yorkshire Adult Safeguarding Policy

North Yorkshire Sport have a responsibility and are committed to safeguarding the welfare of adults at risk involved in sport and physical activity in North Yorkshire & York.

North Yorkshire Sport Adult Safeguarding Policy Final Oct 2023

Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

Safeguarding adults is a responsibility for every sport and physical activity organisation. So getting this right will ensure a wider participation in sport and activity, and ensure safe access for everyone.

The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework has been developed as the standard for safeguarding adults in the sport and activity sector with an aim to establish and promote best practice to support continual development.

North Yorkshire Sport is delighted to have been one of the first two Active Partnerships and first 4 organisations nationally to have achieved the Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

We have worked through the framework and submitted a body of evidence to ACT to show our commitment to safeguarding adults in sport & physical activity across North Yorkshire & York

The key safeguarding themes within the framework are:

  • Safeguarding governance
  • Implementation of safeguarding responsibility
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Codes of conduct
  • Case management

This framework provides a set of standards for everyone involved in sport to help develop a positive sporting culture that creates a safe sporting environment for adults, protecting them from harm. We welcome the opportunity to benchmark current practice against this framework and in doing so enabling challenge to current practice as well as an opportunity to share experiences. The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework contributes to one of Sport England’s Strategic aims: that everyone taking part in sport and physical activity is safeguarded physically and mentally”


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