Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan – UK Code for Sports Governance

As part of the UK Code of Sports Governance, all organisations in receipt of substantial public funding from them or UK Sport have to detail and ambitious Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP).

Sport England and UK Sport are working with all funded partners to help them understand the changes and timeframes expected for producing and publishing the DIAPs, as well as implementing all other requirements in the Code.

North Yorkshire Sport has been working on our DIAP, supported by Sport England and AKD Solutions, over 2023 with the aim of producing a public facing plan that is backed and signed off by the North Yorkshire Sport Board as well as Sport England by the end of March 2024. This DIAP will set out our ambitions and priorities for the next 18 months regarding diversity and inclusion.

The NYS Diversity & Inclusion Subgroup made up of trustees and staff members are leading the development of the DIAP which, among other things, shall:

  1. identify actions needed to achieve, support and then maintain our ambitions, including how these will be reviewed;
  2. demonstrate a strong and public commitment to promoting, embedding and advancing diversity and inclusion on the Board, senior leadership team and across all of the work of the charity;
  3. be published on our website, with an annual update;

Diversity and Inclusion is a long-term endeavour that takes time, commitment and requires support from a range of partners. We want to create a DIAP that is ambitious, actionable and a meaningful step towards helping us and the sector be more inclusive and representative of our society.

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