Disability Sport

Everybody should have the opportunity to participate in sport, whatever their ability. At North Yorkshire Sport we are dedicated to improving the access to sport and physical activity for all disabled people within North Yorkshire and York.

North Yorkshire Sport is working collaboratively with partners to create an equitable sporting environment for all. Access to facilities and services are at the forefront as well as access to quality coaches, a safe environment and people with disabilities being able to see others like them taking part in sport.

We appreciate that sport is also a tool that can unite communities, our aim is to help combat prejudice and discrimination that many disabled people experience when taking part in physical activity and sport.

How to Make Your Sessions Accessible

17.0% of disabled people take part in sport for 30 minutes once a week compared to 39.9% of non-disabled people and psychological barriers play the biggest role in preventing disabled people from taking part in sport.

Research has shown that seven out of ten disabled people want to be more active, so how can your club support disabled people to become more active? The key areas below are worth bearing in mind when you are planning the activity and when you’re developing your communications about it.

  • Disabled people don’t want to feel labelled or segregated, and often prefer to take part in general classes. Activities for people with specific impairments or health conditions are right for some and still have an important role to play.
  • Sometimes the only support disabled people may need is to know that they can go at their own pace, stop and take a breather when they like. It’s very important that this can happen in private and without a fuss being made

To learn more from Sport England’s Disability Sport Mapping 

Partner Organisations

Activity Alliance is the national body responsible for developing sport for disabled people in England. They work closely with the seven National Disability Sports Organisations recognised by Sport England to develop sporting opportunities for the 11 million disabled people in England.

Activity Alliance was established in September 1998. Activity Alliance is a national charity, dedicated to disabled people in sport and physical activity. We support a wide range of organisations to include disabled people more effectively. The Activity Alliance vision is that disabled people are active for life

Activity Alliance Resources


Disability Sport Yorkshire

Disability Sport Yorkshire works with its strategic partners, the Activity Alliance and Sport England to bring greater opportunities for people with disabilities; more sports, more choices and the chance to have a say in how sport is planned and delivered.

Disability Sport Yorkshire produces an annual calendar of events, activity and sports development days, coaching courses and competitive events for people of all abilities and age groups.

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