Additional Data Tools

There are many data sources available that help us to understand the current picture in York and North Yorkshire.

Here is a list of tools and resources you may find useful to examine activity levels, health and wellbeing and a range of demographic data. These tools can be helpful when planning projects, targeting new types of people, or preparing funding applications.

Active Lives Online Tool

Enables quick and easy analysis of Active Lives Survey data. Users can interrogate the data by time period, geography, sport, and demographic groups.

Market Segmentation Data

Sport England has developed nineteen sporting segments to help us understand the nation’s attitudes to sport, their motivations and barriers.

Review of Evidence on the outcomes of Sport and Physical Activity

Local Area Insights Tool

Sport England’s Local Area Insights Tool lets you view and explore key statistics for an area of your choice around themes such as population, deprivation, and health. Using interactive mapping and online reports, this can be useful evidence for grant applications or understanding the people you are working with.

Economic Value of Sport

The model produces area-based estimates on sports’ contribution to the local economy in the form of business output (GVA) and jobs plus wider benefits like health.

Data North Yorkshire

This site is a catalogue of data for anyone to use, to search for, preview and download data from a wide range of providers on a number of different themes. It gives you the opportunity to share, discuss, map, and analyse.

This is a partnership project and has been created with other public sector organisation including: North Yorkshire Council, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and North Yorkshire Police Authority.

Active Places Power

Active Places Power provides insights into the existing sports infrastructure and identify areas where improvements or investments may be needed to enhance participation and access to sports and physical activity opportunities

Health and Wellbeing Tools

Public Health England Health Profiles

A snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England.

Research and Targeting Resources

Youth Insight Profiles

Insight materials to help us understand more about the behaviour and attitudes of young people to assist in engaging young people in sport.

Under the Skin of Youth Personalities

Categorises young people into six key personas. Each persona is broken down into a series of key traits, based on extensive research.

Volunteering Insight Guide

This guide has been put together specifically for those who have an exceptional idea and are considering applying for either Sport England’s Potentials Fund or Opportunity Fund.

Activity Check-In Sport and physical activity volunteering (Nov 2022)

This document is for partners and organisations who work or volunteer to help deliver sport and physical activity. Here we explore the latest insight from the Activity Check-in on the volunteering experience. We also share some ideas on how to help retain current volunteers, re-engage lapsed and attract new volunteers. We hope this will help to address some of the challenges in volunteering highlighted by this insight.

Activity check in – Cost of living (April 2023)

This document is for partners and organisations who work in the sport and physical activity sector. It explores our current, collective understanding and shares some ideas on how to help people get or remain active at low or no cost.

Mapping Disability

A statistical view of disabled people in England

Engaging Women

Guidance around creating safer spaces for women and girls. In collaboration with Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign providing tangible recommendations on how gyms and leisure facilities can continue create these safer places.

To access this guidance, as well as the previous work done to date on this, please visit


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