Achieve focuses on improving resilience, self-confidence and both physical and mental wellbeing in young people.

Young-people centered approach

The sessions are delivered in schools adopting a strong young person-centered approach and develop tailored approaches for targeted schools.

Activities led by Athlete Mentors

The activities are led by an Athlete Mentor who uses their lived experience to draw comparisons from their journey through sport, to support young people in developing key skills to engage, motivate and inspire young people to realise their potential.
The young people involved have reported improvements in resilience, attitude and wellbeing.

Primary and Secondary Schools

The concept is flexible and adaptable, so no two projects are the same so it can be tailored to the group of young people taking part.
We work closely with schools to identify pupils who would benefit from the programme, and it’s on offer to Primary and Secondary schools and is adapted to meet the needs of both.

Our current athlete mentors include; James Kirton Jenny Wallwork Axel Brown.

Get involved

Find out more about how you can get involved with Achieve and speak to someone in our team to get support.

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