Live Longer Better

Live Longer Better is a movement that seeks to enable people to live better for longer, to increase Healthy Life Expectancy and reduce the period of time at the end of life when people are very dependent on others.

More about Live Longer Better

To do this, the movement seeks to encourage and enable healthy active ageing – supporting you through a package of learning, recommendations and myth busting advice to live more active and less sedentary lives – which in turn supports your physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing. There is significant scientific evidence that sits under the approach as a whole, which is set out in more detail in the Live Longer Better website.

How can I take part?

To learn more about the recommendations and how to employ the Live Longer Better principals go to the Learning section of the Live Longer Better website.

To find local opportunities to take part in activity sessions go to our Activity Finder.

To try some inclusive activities at home got to our Get Active at home – Disabled people and people with long-term health conditions

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