Get Moving

Get Moving is a home exercise programme for people aged 65 years old and above, who are described as vulnerable to mildly frail.

A Therapeutic Exercise Instructor visits the home and supports, through physical activity and confidence building techniques, the individual to regain their confidence and mobility.

Get Moving was developed to support older adults to work on their ability, motivation and confidence and get active again, post pandemic.
At the end of the programme those taking part are then signposted to established community groups, to allow continued participation in their preferred activity.

What are the benefits of Get Moving?

The benefits of participation include:

  • Increased physical, cognitive and emotional ability.
  • Prevent and minimise the effects of disease and multimorbidity.
  • Prevent and minimise isolation.

How do People Take Part?

The following health professionals can refer into this service;

  • Hospital Trusts, physiotherapists and frailty specialists.
  • GP’s, Primary Care Networks and Social Prescribers.
  • Voluntary and Community sector that work with older people.

For more information about the programme and to explore future opportunities contact:
Simon Pierce, Health and Wellbeing Manager,

How is it Funded?

Get Moving is primarily funded through the National Lottery. The programme will run until April 2025 supporting residents of North Yorkshire and York.

Additional funding through alternative sources like the NHS Charities Together and the Integrated Care Board have provided support with regards capacity and targeted interventions.

North Yorkshire Sport believes that everyone should have the chance to take part in sport, physical activity, or movement opportunities regardless of age or ability.

For more information

For more information about the programme and to explore future opportunities contact:
Simon Pierce
Health and Wellbeing Manager
07414 911218

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