What We Do

We’re on a mission to use movement, activity, and sport as a driver for positive change to enable people to fulfil their potential.

At North Yorkshire Sport we help support families to keep everyone in the household, and especially children, active.
At North Yorkshire Sport we contribute to children and young people fulfilling their potential and feeling healthy and happy.
We recognise that an active community culture can bring social, economic, environmental, and health benefits.
North Yorkshire Sport believes that everyone should have the chance to take part in sport, physical activity, or movement opportunities regardless of age or ability.
North Yorkshire Sport believes everybody should have the chance to participate in sport, physical activity and movement opportunities whatever their ability.
North Yorkshire Sport are working across the coastline of our county. Joining together with The Outdoor Partnership we’re working to enhance people’s lives through outdoor activities. This is a new area of work which we’re looking forward to growing across the next few years.
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