Stepping Up Project – Consent form

Consent Form

North Yorkshire Police have commissioned an early intervention and prevention project designed to help children and young people make safe and informed lifestyle choices, with the aim of minimising the chance of them entering the criminal justice system – Stepping Up Project. This is provided through North Yorkshire Sport who provide a range of physical and sporting activities, as well as creating bespoke support for each young person.

For more information about North Yorkshire Sport, you can visit their website:

About Stepping Up

Children and young people involved in risk taking or antisocial behaviour, who may ultimately be at risk of entering the criminal justice system could be identified through their school, Neighbourhood Policing Team, Early Help or Social Care Provider. When a child or young person is identified their parent/guardian will be informed and they will be asked to consider agreeing for their child/young person to be referred to North Yorkshire Sport and get involved with the programme.

Parents/guardians have free choice to decide whether this is something they want their child/young person to take part in. Should the parent/guardian decide they do not wish their child/young person to participate in the project they will not be referred to North Yorkshire Sport. If consent is initially provided, but the parent/guardian decides at a later date they no longer wish their child/young person to continue with the programme, consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting:

North Yorkshire Police:

North Yorkshire Sport – Jody Ivel, Development Manager:

Data Protection

By providing consent parent/guardians understand that North Yorkshire Police will share the personal details included in this form with North Yorkshire Sport to enable them to facilitate the programme.

North Yorkshire Sport will provide North Yorkshire Police with feedback regarding the child/young person, specifically relating to willingness to engage and whether they successfully completed the referral. Any information a child/young person discloses to North Yorkshire Sport staff during the programme will not be reported back to North Yorkshire Police. If a child/young person discloses information to North Yorkshire Sport which is of concern, this will be dealt with through their safeguarding policies.

North Yorkshire Police will be sharing the feedback from North Yorkshire Sport with the University of York to create a comprehensive evaluation of the Stepping Up Project as a whole through an academic study. No child’s/young person’s personal data will be shared with the University of York, only a unique reference number for each child.

North Yorkshire Police will retain this information for six years, in line with North Yorkshire Police’s Retention Schedule.

Further information on North Yorkshire Police’s data protection and retention processes can be found at:

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