Plan for People

North Yorkshire Sport have consulted, developed and launched the charity’s first ‘Plan for People’, bringing together in one document our approach and priorities for the coming year to develop our people.

The plan covers the internal staff team and trustees, as well as looking to our broader system and how we plan to build capacity and capability in others operating in and with our sector.

The document highlights our 4 goals, and in doing so, makes reference to specific plans that will help us achieve those goals. We will monitor the progress against this plan and conduct an annual review in May 2024 before launching an updated plan for the next 3 years.

Goal 1 – North Yorkshire Sport are an exemplar and a great organisation to work for

Goal 2 – Develop, support and nurture a more diverse and inclusive workforce

NYS will consult on, and launch, a Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (Due November 2023)

Goal 3 – Increase our profile and recognition as a ‘Learning Organisation’

Goal 4 – Develop capability and capacity in our system

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