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Active My Way is a website that helps people to live more active lives. It includes information on how to be active, inspiring stories and information on local sessions.

Active My Way is a website that helps people live more active lives. It has a range of information about taking part in physical activity aimed at people of all ages as well as information on disabilities.

The activity finder is an easy way to see what activities are offered in your local area, It’s searchable by filters, meaning people can find the perfect activity to suit what matters to them.

Click here to discover Active My Way.

If you are an organisation that delivers physical activity and want to learn how to add your sessions to Active My Way…

all you need to do is list your sessions on a booking system that is Open Data Enabled. 

There are several online booking systems that work with Active My Way including Bookwhen, Playwaze and Sportsuite. Click here to view all the platforms you could choose.

We recommend using Open Sessions as it is free to use and simple to set up your activities on. All you need to do is register an account using your email address and then start adding your activities. Make sure you include as much information as possible about your activities including accessibility information so that people know if it is right for them. Click here to sign up for open sessions or watch a five minute webinar about how add your activities here.

If you want to speak to us about adding your activities to Active My Way, feel free to email us at

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